further erratic discourse

2009-12-09 a doored shh listen.. movement. in secret pass(aged)words these walls and corridors have glanced no other sound save scratches from a pencil soul skin of letterform; we all and every focus: with none of expectation but strokes our little pulse and pause breathing.

2009-12-09 charge

2009-10-29 impulsed inaction is maddening. when i do not do i must. restraints in the wait never tight enough solutions convulse convince desperate to close doors or be through. obdurate hopesick chimera nearly drowned in disappointments aweigh your anchor in wait and let go.

October 2009 mine i love used books, read books, owned and owning books. i'm not a librarier. i don't want to give them back.

October 2009 pathway of patterns through a strand back to you runs a pulse down a tether to your pocket: we are still we. and though everything is a complete mess I still have your number(s).

October 2009 untitled oh my the things that become us that cling to us and tamper with the intention of our rudder until we (are grown and) have no idea where we are going

2009-09-19 -e volution to impose with verb or adjective..? i can't tell printout in my sleeve pocket damns around important i can't tell just don't making any moves don't wrap around elevens faltering in retrospect and seven forty sevens those 3 that lost their way found one that lost its tongue.. words atrophy.. sans luxury.. into audible geometry.

2009-09-19 repeat; i cannot sleep on these splinters in this nest that we built stalks of thorns missing petals and fragments of cement

08-27-2009 be a string around my finger Narcissus in a boat on your lake got me lost and you are not where i thought i was going.

08-21-2009 half hearted there is no envelope. i predicted the patted hand silence loosing off another piece of slow disintegration in reluctant stumbles hardly noticed for less balance onward crumbling bridge. oh my crestfallen contrast too present under darkness projecting ever endless of antithesis

2009-07-14 side view mirror being behind you in speedline. you standing up in the corners. black shirt soaked back where i steady myself when the line faulters, blue stripe socks.

07-10-2009 break like dirt i to we to me not me not we who am to you i need to tear me up with sympathy this not meant belong to me

07-07-2009 i love used books two new old ferlinghetti books arrive with shelf-location tags sticking out grimy and wrinkled like they'd been there for years waiting for me.

07-01-2009 百五十九 take OFF just go in shades and tints and screens of grass myopic eye all down turns back fits to forward far too forward. underneath your epic tree: shade from me.

06-10-2009 tolld

06-08-2009 u n a mend s crest inerudite captain waitwait latelost the line you stood in line for every single penny purchased past the last minute inexplicably ironed wakens up fallen

05-24-2009 time over time tsk tsk goat scaped your drover's crafty hand reflective child self entertains til weary scrounges exile in increment elastic impermanence

05-21-2009 od[e] i overdosed a little this afternoon on caffeine and ferlinghetti for hours all my thoughts were inspired fragments of poetry about the fascinatingly mundane though i asked him to leave hours ago so i could sleep it off. i can't remember a thing i thought worth writing down

05-12-2009 夢 bald little ghost on the back side of sleep tangleds hair up in assiduous sheet

05-03-2009 1/1*0 aural weejee resurrection was right, then wrong and wrong? tegami de usouwotsuita. unhard, simple resurrected my remembered wrong left wait gone

04-02-2009 winnow

03-18-2009 leave a little

02-11-2009 improjection

06-25-2008 rending the veil i have books 4 with me today 6 tomorrow just in case they change their mind because my eyes will not read they just stare blankly out the window into walls

06-23-2008 unspelled evolutions manifestment in analytical retrospect lights a rationally detached impossibility of 20's twenty from behind

06-18-2008 ricochet left right behind hold on off and out so suddenly sudden.

Thursday, June 12, 2008 subjectiviting am not am is becoming from was a stable volatility dearth current

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 posit assurant ember lukewarm sears addle with absent pursuit

Monday, May 12, 2008 fill landing here for discard and out beyond curb ridiculous comes and comes and goes thrown into missing out for behind and optional backtracking

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 abstrused in nest never was echo furnished room sought should be more willingly blind better knows not

Monday, March 10, 2008 scotopic glitched hinges in commanding swing no how and where

June 2007 please, no anaesthesia i want to bleed my experiences get down into the cracks of the opportunities of my life with a magnifying glass with a microscope with a telescope with feelers, antennae, a compound eye. sometimes my body can't take a deep enough breath. the throat wants to open off the head and gasp surfacing from leagues of ocean.

Monday, May 28, 2007 tome your breath inks my boundless pages into a venerated book of your soul

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 toward amor fati ice it with an interjection placing perfect interruption enigma us compound

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 in errant divagation she is why? besetting reckoned letters not my letters hanging onto unbelonging rrrrraking over nerve grasp | responding / interpose chauffeurs off my hour in errant divagation

Friday, May 18, 2007 unmerit learn little one tap not for unwilling and don't sit out in the cold

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 silhouetting passing overcasting out night side bats fireflies silhouetting passing overcasting clouds burn down ember into ash slowly blown away there is blue underneath still you underneath as night diluting day you desaturate my thoughts til they are silhouettes against you

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 and for grateful shade ing shade you, tree reaching under overcast light wind ing drops your secret and for grateful shade ing shade lower limbs and thinkless pulls no self away you just go

Thursday, April 05, 2007 cool lava satellite light in a little box i put back on the dirtiest of them all for this afternoon for maybe tomorrow too maybe til next time clothes i wore for days and days and nights filled with sweat and grime and memories proximities threads that reach five thousand miles back to you

Thursday, March 22, 2007 of all mine the windows aren't big enough tear down the walls overturned game boarding boomerang burns necessity's beauty my only my own you get (credit for) nothing in passion submitting to pencil

Thursday, March 22, 2007 watch watching one hand divide and one hand combine you tiny percussion on my morning window closed to the empty air between

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 nephrite ictusous dubious unknown knowing lurched into guard forth calling assemble to standby desistence

Thursday, March 01, 2007 sky it is nearly a river rilled through my conscious like a nile or mississippi some eternal entirety viewless from to you at erosion

Friday, February 23, 2007 a clear one-degree removal you draw it out for me in your fine art articulation to wit a probable more i understand at least for now

Friday, February 23, 2007 kill of imagination 1 oh pitcher pour you all out veryest top sweet cream to richest under everything you save nothing for your pitcher ( i scense daffodils coming in legions ) poured empty past and crack in relentless appeal where they make their exits paved off bad decisions and leave a search of solitary filler

Sunday, February 18, 2007 window sun set clock time colors my cloud gold orange peach pink violet gray and swaying trees lose details to twilight

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 ambivalent pitch neck strap classifieds on equivocal trace under ritualizing up-glances inquiry

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 nonbeyonding interim helpless dichoalescense black holed cell phone searching for a signal feckless ineffect you still incoherent rejectioning my language void

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 divulge i love you deeply kiss you deeply like a small symbol of that love like a piece of candy shaped like that love pressed on your tongue and down your throat into your heat where it melts all over everything

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 morning shock shaked off we as who are were have been now be falling through words i know you because of your words and your voice, your living words they drop slowly from your sap tapped tongue and your lush laden fingers arched out wide and lively gather warm and wind and dark and rain with which you make your sweet blood into ink

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 the less than fragments wanders to distance path ends like the water that separates you stumbles over sand toward a sundulate horizon driven sans clarity into wilderness

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 in you the earth Little rose, roselet, at times, tiny and naked, it seems as though you would fit in one of my hands, as though I'll clasp you like this and carry you to my mouth, but suddenly my feet touch your feet and my mouth your lips: you have grown, your shoulders rise like two hills, your breasts wander over my breast, my arm scarcely manages to encircle the thin new-moon line of your waist: in love you have loosened yourself like sea water: I can scarcely measure the sky's most spacious eyes and I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth. Pablo Neruda, 1952

Monday, January 08, 2007 drop sense it slithers up in the dark like a legion leach crazy trashing my head while helpless just stands in a median until time and answer reprieve

Friday, December 15, 2006 decathars is as dejected dream residuum asides to uninterpretation til all is parenthetical departure and futile hair holding

Monday, November 27, 2006 strewline wall knock knock little disorganized closet overdosed and bricked to the lungs there's no vacancy right now but you've got to make room

Friday, November 24, 2006 carbon uncopy is it really a cruel cycle of fervent creation and destruction, love. is there really no hope in love. is there no good timing in love. is love lost this century. is it true i do not know love only zeal and passion passing distractioning does love have no dependable substance. is love a whore. is there no good end for love. this is not love this is mistaken, misrepresenterpreted ardor a ravenous wolf in love's clothing; no. it is as we piece ourselves together fasten ourselves together open to examine and couple our singularities we work toward love one stitch at a time over time sewn throughout the weave of time until someday we, perhaps we, have fashioned ourselves into complete understanding a dictionary of love. ardor, in its beyond-control ignitions, only illuminates paths to love so in the end love is laboriously made with desire and decision to pursue and someday, maybe, i will know what love is like

Thursday, November 23, 2006 late maybe wakes she sends me little de ta c hed words in windowed latent vision and arrows perfect clock over boundaries i lean in to her like a plant

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 persist impotent pencil withending finds no good little pages pull their staple in smirch for lack of lines they each fall off my spiral and go elsewhere

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 efavrellkinu words not words just letters scattered to no sense remnants exposed : obvious :: nuclear reaction : braindead heartbeat george winston in the cafeteria i know every single note bring me back to me

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 safing stillness comes a screeching halt right before cars crash wreckoning forces

Monday, November 13, 2006 detached the cipher fails, falls away as a teased-loose linen submitting to its current

Thursday, November 09, 2006 nonplus suspiry hangover from oxygen drunk; waked broken rapture and realized i forgot to eat again

Thursday, November 09, 2006 there is not enough time for me tonight. not enough time for this power surge so i'll sleep with the silence and maybe find words again tomorrow

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 exactly the clock drops into play stretching out its self-satisfied minutes over me lights slowly, reluctantly in endeavor to defy and begins to burn me down

Friday, October 27, 2006 expurgation my love killed that bird raked it down from its mocking height and crushed it into wisdom

Monday, October 16, 2006 relaxed under assassin contrariwise it keeps itself and grows antithesis into undis(ch)armed my inane word fills.

Sunday, October 15, 2006 i love the way she byes me on the phone or in person succinct, no apologetic tones it's just yeah we're done, bye. it says so much about her.

2006-10-05 juncture i had so much to say and so much to think about but time's slipping by and it's fading away so i suffice by knowing as i forget, whatever it was, it was wonderful.

2006-09-09 just need sleep one eternal wave breaks void in your halting place drafted black bird eye sky when i stumble sometimes under recovering transparency til passage is riddled through the volatile

2006-09-07 antecedent of my throat and breath where falls it to its depth it goes forward in its silent way my follow quiets after sedulous sheath of nothing meeks books and feeds from its steps but it doesn't move for days everything so still and life goes on around us, it forgets us but i stay faced away from this car wreck though never leaving scene to sit as if graveside and contemplate

2006-09-05 simpling off turn it right little dark guised way and grow stone over all internal distance

2006-08-30 precipitation throwings unthrough tempest hope evolves to reasonless inder wind stripped head order come my sleeping fight your nightmare no umbrella, no raincoat, hours dry slowly out past sense creation

2006-08-27 further erratic discourse nostalgic for feeling pencil on paper cursive slop hand scratch acrossing the surface falling asleep with things that affect me: all finding drawers to live in my head -i too have the quandaries but they don't effect me; remembering time of no hotspot, no laptop, just pencilling finitely endlessing words

2006-08-18 st(r)uck pencil less of sense and syntax to thus fruitless piece sorting, trying on words of antithetic combination, sifting clichés in a muse of their phrases: rests effort creation for one grammatical unit of descripting

2006-08-18 repeating beat on ice
place away, little hands caress for no more tragedy; she houses homeless love in laughs and kisses and wraps my focus around her smooth fingertips

2006-08-11 and this faded memory out of substance.

2006-08-09 8.9 there's a sting in the way wind blows adjectives from my head when it goes with a few days pretending as if it never was

2006-08-04 8.4.2 again already little magnets in my pocket now declined denial will not be reduced to one stale word

2006-04-08 8.4 they don't know what to say. language dazed and wander off. their muses play over the background there is no background there is no ground it's such a thing. winking at low opacity.

2006-08-03 8.3 the tension slurks up quietly twining around small places my knowledged observering closely next

2006-07-26 connecting sundry so little rest for testy fingers fighting tying down. mind winded down shifting forced and founded soundless ration finds it fairing falling under with minimal resistance.

2006-07-25 pulled motion stopper stepped out of saturation the few things that sustain color bend sight

2006-07-22 gravity cell arm chested garrison covers thought across from me left of restless observation extricating unachieved time and time starved(,) overclocking passes sans solute to recidivation.

2006-07-14 breathed scatters off kilter reprise out from reason nor response cyclone slow down this not type gravity calming somehow

2006-07-11 onerous cloak unpatterning celled fickle headsack calls scalding, toothbrush, left circle-turning; grow overed distractions twining up time hands futilely

2006-07-07 carrion we murder our self . surreality in shared dissolution overexplanation-lost we behind language barriers simply missed interpretations bounce off mirrors of denial; losing everything and at everything in giving it all and up away to defeat.

2006-07-06 ignore-ance persists it's broken in so many places, this machine even under invincible wishing it will not work nothing having ever done and nothing can will ever do to fix it; only time is stubborn hands' tool remover

2006-06-28 angle near incidence it is to me only in death metaphors a drowning flit aware into out concomitant waked unconsciousness a trice without pain or existence returns filled, less, and different than before and i'm ok with that; i like it.

2006-06-26 * seeking there excursus sough unshaped words solitated hushing splace water twins wind we sink into my ease somewhere in a low cloud, high quiet night skyliner and time has a pause button

2006-06-23 sleep, subjective sunrise on remote reserve withdraw from remnant to entrails re(tr(action)) entries latter-day introvert expansive space ensuing in abandure

2006-06-22 image lacking adjective falls off the arm into the fingers. imbue{d[(in)g]} absence sheet; made way not find: -me, arresting- mine

2006-06-21 raze garden exhale iron and guidon white forgo-thought tired shoulders folds time away like an over-mended blanket incongruous patches unable to accept reconstruction

2006-06-14 hypocritic equivocation a which is of its desperate need my wordkeep resignation it breathes them out between bad teeth superficial tongue, like intentions and the paragon of bush beating

2006-06-11 observation blanding it goes seeps out like neglected religion lost from the which no metaphor was found; arduous lead and nothing

2006-06-05 discontinued amentia (for word keeping) of a strange arrangement contradiction at ease in mess' median move on impulse little cata(c)lystic avalanche in a box or on a string hold together your grapheme look a way and wander other soaked in spilled latent motion i deign to extravasation in deficient amentia..

2006-05-31 in privilege vault uninventory i am effortless tranquility today weightless aloft a breeze of passing things and time naked of feeling, beautifully blank i am at full in my vacant space my soul s t r e t c h es and surfeits in vacuity

2006-05-18 words: i love them arrange them, like furniture, like flowers carve them from their letterforms; filling my body, where they stay, like life blood until a few get through and are gone forever solidified in carnality. i maintain an unspelled out soldered to my language bound in order of stroke and serif and reigning time tax it passes mercilessly as i obsess

2006-05-18 week end

2006-05-16 brevity sound brings you to the surface; i watch you rise and fall in the waves of my thoughts and drown beneath the weight of displacement.

2006-05-16 overclocking so night find unfitting caps cut into minder tainting leaving it on my tongue uneffaced messless strikethrough for may be time self side supplied with out-details

2006-05-11 astatically else pulls my sound pushed cognition string vertiginous direction enshifting done with the done or undoneded amentia written blank line i think with don't think with my canned and or not unattending go to for my hither now unfamiliar with where

2006-05-10 subtle obstruction cool into clueless little creature in headslight prehensile arounding erratic rebound involuntary door cracks on cue

2006-05-09 under plastic bands carried on a current from his throat lost in deep woods of voice this where even perceptions of infinite fall silent.

2006-05-07 occasions of reduction repetitioning mind outs; emo(a)ted fleet passing little climb back up from the bottom of someone's priorities falling onto a soft where's else to dwell in absence.

2006-05-03 honeysuckle echos like voice sapid scent memory saturates from nowhere sudden thought entangling intoxicant.

2006-05-02 bring the new book old car cough it out drive around your homeless and sanctuary dropped reflection. jibberish riddle nerve crawling playing those masochistic instruments to a tired audience, which has no need to listen.

2006-04-26 22-minute half life smoothing feather weighs me 30 and lays me back into the earth transatlantic total moating, all but fall from focus cognition are too far off whispers and distance is concomitant in exponential decomposure.

2006-04-25 impetuous excess summon randimpassive headsack steals its breathing in my mouth revel open binded beating coerced in tempo tangled hair yank my corpse across the compass dance floor

2006-04-24 wrong reprise jolt jumps bridge out an accident in demand guised suggestions wilting into visible calm as dilatory escalation lets into its melting point

2006-04-13 lacuna tongue to bite through withdrawal deleting backward scenery; wake midmoment as i weaken denies the giving go.

2006-04-11 peels it off in pieces swimming depthed water pressure channels through denied confession disbelieving fact fought off relentless conquer slipped consideration yet a captive neither said nor written has no escape to subsistence.

2006-04-04 paragraph compounding returning so little from full tilt:; stolen by 3 periods. shaking out all the notes in that book wants empty filled again. i read it over and over.

2006-04-03 deplete subjective keep there's the switch for unbalance relieving too attentive weight the spelling breaks unnoticed takes slip and transposes.

2006-03-29 veer quid pro quo pour in to out echo. corporeal kisses nihility with its hand on the throat of oblivion.

2006-03-27 omission felled candle put it out scritch up shards of wax indecipherenabled signal loss static fm offed end of slowing reverted views left it can't up keep red armed colorguards anticipating launch

2006-03-25 until and after digested rhythm devoured all over minded sprawled out and in arrogance complicated seduceding pressed up against sharp and aggressive excessive caved in

2006-03-23 begending a come into being repeating itself a moment enlooping abruptly restarting negated resuming skidding skipping til empty discarded abuses confuses consu me ing.

2006-03-10 ennova stuttered sever fails to tether gain weighing misspent energy if only (fermented bottled) harnessed could supply the earth's electricity

2006-03-16 ephemeral sleeveing far below the eyes down deep beneath the body's mantle i am distracted un aware of time or attentive to the motions of this vessel, its stride upon the earth; i come to rest—an autumn falling leaf, underwater— somewhere in the catacomb of my soul. days as bubbles, air, numbered, pulled out from the lungs and pass by distracted suspended torpid neglegent pleonastic heading excess, wads of wet bathroom tissue caked about thought and a dearth of time to winnow i just dream and feel abet that the full moon forces its way on us all, she convinced me last night in the bar.

2006-03-15 taciturnity forced up on the tongue like a giggle or an interjection bursting from its home of latent sedation stabs at escape in a poverty of sense she swallows it. stopping the start stopping.

2006-03-14 murder of my firmament spinning top you slow, not stop? contemplating role as jester [sleep a while or evanesce] taut strung knot core self arounded wound ivy mine none to climb ground in patient run [can't want closed consuming] spinning top hypnotic top why the why you secret certain? [fragment falls not falling]

2006-03-10 - ineffable - the dictionary knows, always knows, but i can just close it one-eighty away save a single word hooks me a catch in my sleeve as i walk out the door: paradoxical honesty perfectly placed undeniable element of my definition anchoring, fearless, defiant, insistant can't look on too long, it moves me to sway. decline restrain suggested frame

2006-03-07 fen in my foot brain i walk through a cool bog bare feet moss carpet springy green rapture willed blissful drowned in air saturating, clean, living, beautiful, in breath and on skin currents like water-- i always, always knew they were twins, i love them that way ribboned root gripping earth lift their beings up to God, up to Jesus they are relaxed, the trees, they are in perpetual utopia in this bog chaotic with life and peace.

2006-03-04 disappointing spring chill overtakes spring pulls her new leaves to the ground ill-timed cold sedates hopeful seedlings keeping fire only frustrates in this season out of place

2006-03-03 reticent loosed sharply yanks a strand of hair (incognizant and narrow) faults so-known sure canter breaking broken rider ground

2006-02-27 swervish erraticy flicker iffy circuit my drafting second hand time spasm stumbling skittering delusional rhythm beneath conscious axis distortion reverses, returns goes and comes back and goes and comes back

2006-02-21 two aquaria under water entilt as if the world was on a rocker to and fro and slow and heavy little worker cast eye ground wake pressed beneath the water

2006-02-15 (calm slow cool down) speeding train catched throwing fire burst gorging flood of lava repression releation taut entension: flat grounded.. only just BARELY momentary. recover.

2006-01-22 roughed up edges little room we occupy ourshelves we think to sleep and peek and think repeat to sleep caesura

2006-01-21 i went back and watched the images again the ones i knew were so beautiful they almost made me cry the ones i didn't know i tried to listen as fast as i could to watch to and listen as fast as i could there's so much i lost in the time to write down i can get it all back i just watch it again i love the drunk out of tune strings i love the tune out of drunk strings. i love it all. i'm in love with it. i love it.

2006-01-18 saturating traffic mind wanders; it goes peacefully crawling over shelves of thoughts and ideas and intentions; ears inhaling twining fingers knead my contemplation with their disjointed tempo; i relax beneath fragments of circuits cleverly relinking, like thoughts.

2006-01-17 good morning, appended. sedated emotion rouse deep in its soft womb; stirring sudden, unexpected turbine turning, inner working bursting hydroelectrocity; travelling direct mind conduit straight up to its mental seat; agitation, sleep. kicks in the womb; else fills the body a physical effect of the intangible. inspiration born internal externaled art.